Jeffrey Brennan

BSc MBBS FRACS Neurosurgeon

1. Fees.

Neurosurgery is a complex and at times risky field. A high degree of skill and expertise is required to diagnose problems of the brain, spinal cord and nerves. Even more is needed to operate in these delicate, unforgiving and vital organs with every effort made to maximise the likelihood of a good outcome and minimise the risks involved. It takes decades of training to reach this level of skill.

Fees are charged with respect to the nature of this type of service, and are based on recommendations made by the Australian Medical Associations.

Government rebates are available through the Medicare system for part of the fee, but these are linked to government budgetary constraints and do not reflect the value, complexity or quality of the service provided. This leads to out of pocket "gaps". A referral from either your GP or another specialist is required in order to access Medicare rebates. 

All surgery fees including gaps will be disclosed to patients in writing prior to their operation (usually at the time of booking their admission to hospital) detailing the out of pocket expenses. There are no "hidden" fees. Patients who have not been quoted these expenses before their surgery will not be charged out of pocket gaps. Please contact the receptionists for further information.

2. Appointment times.

Appointment times vary depending on the complexity of the problem involved. Greater time is given for first consultations, with appropriately shorter time for follow up visits.

Dr Brennan always endeavours to run on time. However, it is the nature of Neurosurgery that serious and unexpected emergencies arise which can interrupt the planned schedule of the day.

Also, sometimes it just takes longer to give someone the time they need. 

Dr Brennan will spend the time required to help navigate you through your health problem, and recognises that for many neurosurgical conditions this can be a confronting and at times frightening process. Should delays occur efforts will be made to let patients know.

3. Patient information.

Information on neurosurgical conditions (provided by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons).